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Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science PAS

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMIM PAN), works in a wide spectrum of novel materials. IMIM PAN is focused on design and diagnostics of advanced materials and coatings for various application and has 90 employees including 37 scientific researchers working in the field of (bio-)physics and material science.

The leading diagnostic methods comprise an analytical high resolution transmission microscope TECNAI G2 FEG Super TWIN (200kV) equipped with High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detector and integrated Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) system and – for thin film preparation - a Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Quanta 3D with Omniprobe pick-up system. For phase analysis, residual stress and crystallographic orientation X-ray diffraction techniques are developed. The main equipment is based on the low angle measurement with a Polycap system for BRUKER DISCOVER. A Scanning Acoustic Microscopy SAM TEC EVOLUTION II is applied for topographic visualization. Surface is tested by an E-SEM XL-30 with EDAXand 3D profilometer. The Institute established a biophysical laboratory with artificial patient and cell detachment testing devices in hydrodynamic conditions. CONFOCAL MICROSCOPY

IMIM PAN is/was coordinator and project partner of several projects dealing with the biomaterial tissue interactions, like the Polish projects “Designing and elaboration of functionally gradient materials (and bio-materials)” (Coordinator: IMIM PAN, completed 2007) and “Designing new system for heart support” (Coordinator: FRK) for the Polish programme “Polskie Sztuczne Serce (Polish Artificial Heart)” focused on the future (4-5 years) clinical application of the new generation heart support system.

The head of the Institute is Prof. Boguslaw Major, who has high scientific recognition (about 250 refereed publications) in the field of materials engineering and biomaterials science. 


Foundadion of Cardiac Surgery Development

The Institute of Heart Prostheses (FRK) is one of the few research centers in Europe in the field of construction and implementation of mechanical artificial heart prosthesis into clinical usage. The research program aims of the development of heart prostheses’ family consisting of material modification by the surface improvement and the size of the device reduction. The program includes three basic stages of development; their aim is the gradual implantation of further heart assist system elements into the patient’s body, starting from the extracorporeal system up to the totally implantable heart prosthesis.

Its’ activity is carried out in three laboratories:

  • construction and research laboratory, dealing with flow dynamics problems in heart prostheses
  • biocompability laboratory, with microbiological research including in vitro investigations
  • computer methods laboratory, with research on development of the heart prostheses constructions at the stage of computer modelling.



F.R.K Intra-Cordis

As a result of improvement in the knowledge transfer to industry and clinical application of FRK, the research and technological partner Intra-Cordis Ltd. was founded as SME dealing with medical devices and biological heart valves.

Intra-Cordis supports the activities of the Artificial Heart Laboratory of FRK directed to the application of modern products for the mechanical heart support system, like facilities and technology for the clinical customer. The new prototype unit of pneumatic heart support system, model POLPDU-402 was introduced into production by the Intra-Cordis 



The PLASTMED sp. z o.o. company was established in year 1990 as the introductory company for new plastic technologies for medicine. The PLASTMED company field of activity covers products made of plastic materials dedicated for utilization in cardiac surgery. The company deals with technologies development for production of products made of thermoplastic and soluble polymers. The company developing an equipment and original special machines for production of details as well as semi-products and complete items of plastic products. Basing on the original own technologies, the company produces the sets of extracorporeal heart assist pump POLVAD, developed in cooperation with Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development (Zabrze) and produced by FRK “Intra-Cordis” company as well as a carrying constructive elements for biological valves.

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„Nanostrukturalne materiały dla biomedycznych systemów układu krążenia (CardioBioMat)”
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